At present, Japan’s cross-border e-commerce is still in its wobbly stages.

Looking at e-commerce on a global scale, it is expected to grow considerably in the future, with a projected circulation value of approximately 1,000 trillion yen by 2025.

However, it is difficult for a single Japanese company to get off the ground due to the VAT, taxation, and quarantine systems of each country, various regulations in the EU, and issues and problems related to logistics.

Therefore, we have established the Japan Cross-border EC Association to become a knowledge center for cross-border EC by creating a collective body of companies and people who have been involved in cross-border EC for many years and have the latest cross-border EC know-how.

We believe that if we can conduct cross-border EC through an established mechanism using our vague cross-border EC know-how, we will surely be able to help Japanese companies.

The Japan Cross-border EC Association will work to help Japanese companies build a solid foundation for cross-border EC and further develop it, protect manufacturers and the retail industry, and contribute to the development of the Japanese economy.

Purpose of Establishment

  • To act in a neutral and fair manner for the sound development and expansion of Japan’s cross-border EC business sector.
  • To provide know-how on both cross-border EC from and to Japan.
    (Cross-border refers to both from Japan to overseas: from overseas to Japan.)
  • In recent years, the government has been paying attention to cross-border EC, and the market has been growing little by little. We will share our know-how with JACCA participating companies to clear up the current situation where various problems (e.g., high fees, confiscation of goods at customs, etc.) occur frequently when exporting and importing from various countries.
  • We will work to promote cross-border business through matching between JACCA participating companies.